Corporate Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

Dispatch of Lawyers and Appointment of Lawyers as Company Officers

Dealing with New and Revised Laws



Unfair trading regulations, such as insider trading regulations and market manipulation regulations, etc., apply to the trading of listed stocks. Also, listed companies are required to appropriately disclose information in accordance with the disclosure regulations in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and financial instruments exchanges rules. In the event that a breach of these regulations occurs in a listed company or management company, it is possible it may inflict huge damage on the company, and thus, it is necessary for companies to build systems to ensure that these do not occur. Our law firm provides advice in relation to building systems to prevent the occurrence of breaches of regulations as well as providing legal advice in relation to investigating and negotiating, etc., with the authorities in the event that an incident occurs that is suspected to be a breach.
We have conducted repeated studies so that we are able to suggest guidelines for corporate behavior that matches social changes, based on, but not limited merely to, sophisticated legal arguments.