Corporate Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

Dispatch of Lawyers and Appointment of Lawyers as Company Officers

Dealing with New and Revised Laws



At our law firm, regardless of the size or type of the company from start ups through to listed companies, we can provide advice on the procedures involved in corporate mergers, corporate divestitures, and transfer of shares, as well as conducting the legal due diligence work involved in buying a company. When one of the parties involved in an M&A is a listed company, care needs to be taken in relation not only to the regulations governing procedures under the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, but also to insider trading regulations and financial instruments exchanges rules. The specialization our firm has in being well versed in financial legal affairs means that we have been asked to consult on financial corporate group organizational restructuring, etc., and have a track record in providing advice in light of industry law and the business conducted by industry organizations and the industry on numerous occasions. In addition to this, recently we have also been handling a lot of cases involving share transfers and organizational restructuring involved in business succession for small- and medium-sized enterprises.