Corporate Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

Dispatch of Lawyers and Appointment of Lawyers as Company Officers

Dealing with New and Revised Laws


General Real Estate

At our law firm, we provide a comprehensive range of legal services for a variety of real estate transactions, such as buying and selling, leasing, management and development of real estate including offices, residences, and commercial, logistics or healthcare facilities. These legal services include; (1) Advice regarding schemes, due diligence, (2) Drafting, reviewing and negotiating various agreements, (3) Examining legal issues from the perspective of real estate related laws, construction related laws, environmental law, and other compliance related matters, (4) Examination of the regulatory laws and guidelines that apply to business operators involved in real estate transactions.
Our law firm also provides legal advice covering the gamut of the real estate sector including advice and legal services support pertaining to the Condominium Unit Ownership Act (operation of condominium association, etc.), as well as legal services support pertaining to determining land boundaries.