Corporate Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy

Dispatch of Lawyers and Appointment of Lawyers as Company Officers

Dealing with New and Revised Laws


Claims Management and Collection

At our law firm, we have long handled the legal affairs of financial institutions as well as non-banks, and we are proud of our extreme wealth of experience in pre-financing consultations, credit management during the loan term, and preservation and enforcement of claims when accidents occur. We have published some of the research we have conducted supported by actual professional experience as papers, which include (i) papers in the area of security interest, such as on statutory superficies, liens, infringement of hypothec, and subrogation, as well as (ii) papers in the civil execution area, such as temporary restraining orders, remainder decisions, and property disclosure under the Civil Execution Act, and (iii) papers regarding debates on the perfection requirements for assignment of claims. We have also worked hard to win judgments that set new precedents.