Organizational Structure

Law Firm Structure

Our law firm, Kataoka & Kobayashi, is a partnership, of which, Kataoka & Kobayashi Legal Professional Corporation is the core partner.
The peak decision making body of our law firm, Kataoka & Kobayashi, is the Partners’ Meeting, which is currently held every week prior to the Lawyers’ Meeting. The Executive Committee comprising the senior partners is convened on an as required basis in relation to important matters to be tabled at the Partners’ Meeting. In addition, the partners divide up a variety of tasks within the practice and are in charge of carrying them out.
Associate lawyers and Administration Division staff also have the right to submit proposals to the Partners’ Meeting creating a governance structure in which the organization works together as one.
The weekly Lawyers’ Meetings, which all our lawyers attend, is not a decision-making body, but is mainly a forum for debating points of law, etc., however, it does also serve as a forum for communication of matters pertaining to the running of the firm.

Administration Division Structure

The Administration Division is comprised of the; (1) General Affairs Section, (2) Accounts Section and (3) Secretarial Services Section, and provides support services for the work of the lawyers.
The General Affairs Section has an IT professional who is in charge of building, maintaining, and upgrading of our firm’s IT environment with the support of external experts. By building a VPN previously we have, the IT systems is in place for our lawyers, etc., to be able to perform their duties from outside the office as well.
Each lawyer has a primary and secondary secretary who provide support to ensure the lawyer can conduct their work efficiently.
Meetings of the whole or just the related staffs of the Administration Division are also convened by the partner in charge of this area or by the Manager of the General Affairs Section on an as required basis with the objective of maintaining and improving the quality of the work of the Administration Division.