Our History

In April 1980, Lawyer Yoshihiro Kataoka became a registered attorney. From October 1982, he had provided research and support services for moving into the mortgage securities business to a financial institution that is now one of Japan’s mega banks, and set up his own practice in a co-founded law firm in April 1983.
In September 1984, he established the Yoshihiro Kataoka Law Firm as a sole managing partner, and in April 1986, Lawyer Akihiko Kobayashi joined the firm immediately after he became a registered attorney.
In June 1990, Lawyer Akihiko Kobayashi was promoted to partner and the name of the firm was changed to Kataoka & Kobayashi, which it has been known as until now.
In August 2001, the firm’s CI (Corporate Identity) was formalized. The firm had expressly documented our long-standing management principles in the form of our “Guiding principles,” and have shared them with the members of the firm whilst making minor revisions on an ongoing basis. We operate the firm faithful to these guiding principles, working as one as an organization that systematically manages our business operations while still affording the individual professionals who make up the organization the opportunity to exercise autonomy and creativity and encourage them to engage in professional development and hone their skills.
In April 2018, Kataoka & Kobayashi Legal Professional Corporation was established. Kataoka & Kobayashi Legal Professional Corporation is now structured in a way that allows us to conduct our business mainly in the name and the form of a Legal Professional Corporation while maintaining the partnership system we had under the law firm Kataoka & Kobayashi, thereby still ensuring business continuity (sustainability) as well as being in an even better position to work together as one solid organization.