Guiding Principles

The guiding principle at our law firm is “To deliver as much positive value for the good of as many people as possible by contributing to the building of an even better legal system and the application of the law through our handling of matters concerning the law in a manner that is in harmony with the various circumstances society faces in today’s environment.”
Our guiding principles were set out in writing in our CI (Corporate Identity), which was formalized in August 2001. Our CI consists of 3 articles and 18 explanatory notes. The above is Article 1 of our CI and it expounds the guiding principle we should practice in our external dealings.
Article 2 focuses on the behavioral domains referred to in the CI as they relate to the gamut of legal disciplines, as well as learning, actual practice, and our activities, and Article 3 expounds the need for our team members to engage in continuing education to achieve self-actualization and the guiding principles through a harmonious code of conduct.
At our law firm, our team members, not only the lawyers, but also all staffs of the Administration Division, strive to put these guiding principles into practice.