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Structured Finance Services

We have been handling these services ever since the introduction of securitization and liquidation transactions to Japan, and at present, we perform a wide range of services related to securitization and liquidation schemes, such as (i) advice, investigation, and analysis concerning their formation, (ii) preparation and review of various contracts, (iii) consideration of legal problems, (iv) inquiries and negotiation with competent government agencies, (v) various civil preservation, litigation, and civil execution procedures with respect to nonperformance of obligations etc. by a party to a scheme, and (vi) negotiations with insolvency administrators at the time of insolvency proceedings for a party to a scheme, up to and including negotiations with the parties not only at the time of a scheme's formation but also while the scheme is already underway.

Further, we receive requests from a wide range of parties for each case, our clients including not only arrangers but also originators (asset transferors), lenders, tokumei kumiai partners and other investors, trustees, servicers, asset managers, and property managers.

Claim Securitization and Liquidation

We deal with nearly all types of claims (accounts receivable, lease fee claims, auto loan claims, card shopping claims, card cashing claims, security deposit claims, bank commercial loan claims, housing loan claims, contract compensation claims, bills of credit, shares, corporate bonds, etc.).

Further, we handle a wide range of schemes including ABCP, ABS, CMBS, RMBS, master trust, ABL, hybrid-type (beneficial interest and ABL), and CLO.

Real Property Securitization and Liquidation

We handle not only GK-TK schemes (schemes where tokumei kumiai contributions are made to a godo kaisha) but also numerous TMK schemes (specified purpose companies under the Act on Securitization of Assets), and also take on development-type cases.

Further, we handle not just one-time securitizations and liquidations, but also REIT, private placement funds and other investment commodities.

Moreover, with regard to AM, ML, PM, sponsor and other related party insolvency proceedings, we pride ourselves on a wealth of experience in negotiating with insolvency administrators etc.

Intellectual Property Securitization and Liquidation

We provide advice, investigations, and analysis regarding the formation of liquidation schemes for copyrights pertaining to films, animated television shows and popular songs etc., as well as for other intellectual property rights.


With respect to private placement REITs, business turnaround funds, healthcare trunaround funds, and various other types of funds, we provide all manner of legal services from the fund formation stage in response to queries from arrangers.

Further, we often make reviews of and conduct negotiations for fund contracts upon request from pension trust trustees, lenders, and other investors.

ABL (Liquid Asset-Based Secured Loans)

With regard to liquid asset-based secured loans, known as ABL, we leverage our expert knowledge of future receivables transfer security and aggregated movable property collateral in forming our structures, and conduct the appropriate and swift exercising of rights on the basis of our experience in civil execution, civil preservation, or insolvency proceedings.

Project Financing

With regard to project financing for the PFI business regarding education-related facilities, government office-related facilities and other public facilities, the power generation business including wind power generation, and various other businesses, we provide all manner of legal services in response to queries from business operators and financial institutions etc., including giving advice at the formation stage, reviewing and negotiating over contracts, and drafting legal opinions.

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