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Practices Areas

Multilateralization and Specialization

Since Yoshihiro Kataoka's admission to the bar in 1980, KATAOKA & KOBAYASHI (since 1980) has accumulated a wealth of legal experience. We provide broad and solidlegal services not only with regard to judicial actions and legal consultation under general civil, commercial and criminal affairs, but also with regard to the general corporate legal work in our country.

At the same time, we are proud of our high standards and professionalism in financial law. Many of our lawyers are summoned as members of various councils and receive a high evaluation as specialists of financial law.

Pursuit of Elaborate Legal Theory and Presentation of Practical Action Guideline

Japanese legal practice is based largely on material facts. Therefore, we use the analytical method of the block diagrams not only in the course of judicial actions, but also for the analysis of the general legal problems.

Today, corporate management with a high regard for compliance of laws and regulations is getting enhanced, and the problems regarding management judgment as well as legal judgment are getting increased. We provide corporate legal services that can be guidelines for practical action to support management judgment based on the theory of business administration.

Consensual Decision Making

Our way of performance is "Sharing our knowledge, experiences and mobility." In each project, appropriate partners and associates make a team and deal with the project by consulting together.

In principle, we have all lawyer's meeting once in every week. Through this meeting, our lawyer leans legal theory and practice. The lawyers discuss important matters from the different points of view and try to reach valid and appropriate conclusion.

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