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Risk Management Services

Due to the revision of ISO9001 in 2000, the PDCA cycle/spiral method and other global standards for quality assurance have come to be applied not only to the manufacturing industry but also to services and organizations. Seeing this development as a fundamental opportunity, we recognize that under the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (FIEA), and various other regulatory laws, providing internal controls and risk management systems is now required.

We are grounded in this basic understanding, and in keeping with the legislative system with its detailed regulations, we will handle the legal affairs and practical business of risk management.

Providing Risk Management Systems

With regard to the provision of appropriate risk management systems under the various financial regulation laws, we give advice and provide other legal services regarding the formulation and revision etc. of internal rules.

Response to Emergence of Risks

For financial institutions etc., failing to appropriately respond to the emergence of risks arising on an individual basis could lead to serious hindrances to the performance of business in the form of administrative dispositions, for example.

For each individual case of emerging risk, we perform risk analysis from a specialized standpoint under the FIEA etc., and take legal countermeasures including negotiations with the competent authorities with regard thereto.

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