1. Business Renewal / Insolvency Law-Related Services
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Business Renewal / Insolvency Law-Related Services

In areas related to business renewal and insolvency law, there is now a demand for expertise not only in conventional petitioner agent or custodian services, but also in M&A-related services or ancillary financial services. We handle consultations not only with obligors but with creditors (possessors of the right of separation) and sponsors as well; we are actively expanding the services we provide in this field, and have often served as agents for creditors etc. in insolvency cases concerning parties to asset liquidation and securitization transactions.

Business Turnaround

By leveraging our experience from a creditor's perspective, we can expand our services in practical ways, even as concerns the obligor's side of things.

DIP Financing

We are putting our achievements in security, execution and project financing to use in this area as well.


In this area, where corporate and financial services intersect, we are leveraging our vast experience in both fields to expand our services.

Out-of-Court Workout

Attaching great importance to the trust we enjoy from creditors, we rely on good footwork to make prompt adjustments of debt.

Civil Rehabilitation, Insolvency and Other Legal Means

Not only do we have an accurate grasp of procedural laws in these areas, we also carry out these procedures appropriately and swiftly, by striving to process them in the most suitable way according to each client's business operations.

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