1. Labor-related Legal Affairs
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Labor-related Legal Affairs

We keep up with the rapidly-changing developments in labor laws and regulations and in labor administrations, as well as handle various personnel and labor issues that companies face.

Personnel and Labor-Related Consultations

For the most part, we handle a wide range of consultations related to personnel and labor, mainly concerning corporate clients.

In the personnel and labor areas, we bear legal compliance in mind while giving significant consideration to the elements in managerial decisions, and not only point out legal risks in a formal sense but also give concrete advice as to the optimal response for our clients to take as a corporation.

Creation and Revision of Personnel and Labor-Related Systems (Formulation of Work Regulations, Etc.)

Giving a central focus to the review of various work regulations, we support the creation of systems that reflect the actual state of affairs at each company, which involves for example reassessing salary systems and working hours systems with an eye on accommodating premium wages, developing administrative leave systems with consideration for how to handle mental illness, and developing resignation-related rules presuming a layoff dispute. Further, we also provide comprehensive advice on internal procedures, administrative procedures, and specific practices related to labor and personnel affairs.

Labor-Related Due Diligence

Relying on our expert knowledge and experience in the personnel and labor areas, we also perform labor-related due diligence for M&A, including workforce reductions at the time of M&A, the creation of integrated working conditions after M&A implementation, and the handling of various labor union and employee briefings.

Handling Labor Troubles and Disputes

Whether in the case of individual or group labor-management disputes, we handle voluntary negotiations, mediations, labor dispute adjudications, provisional dispositions, litigation proceedings, Labor Relations Commission proceedings, and various other legal procedures.

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