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Individual Cases

A host of legal problems can arise for individuals in the course of leading social lives. Whether it be a dispute regarding the sale or leasing of a home or land, or domestic concerns in the form of a divorce, an inheritance, or a will, there are many problems that differ from those which accompany corporate economic activities. We deal with cases like these in earnest, putting ourselves in the position of the clients who request our services.

*In principle, we provide a legal consultation on a private case of an individual client only in a case where such individual client is referred by an attorney or a staff of KATAOKA & KOBAYASHI, or by our client which has continuous relationship with us. As a result, we may excuse ourselves from providing legal consultation to an individual client who found this website and contacted us, but we may exceptionally accept a request of such client after we have informed of details and purpose of consultation and information about the client.

If you would like to have legal consultation with us, please contact us by sending an e-mail which specifies (i) information about yourself (such as your occupation etc.) and (ii) the relevant legal practice area, details and purpose of your consultation to info@klo.gr.jp.

Real Property Transactions

In addition to disputes related to leased land and rented homes, we also handle legal problems regarding the sale and construction of land and buildings

Inheritances, Wills, and Other Family Law-Related Issues

With regard to inheritances, we handle the preparation of wills and consultations on the division of inherited property. Further, we also handle consultations for divorce and other issues involving family law.

Traffic Accidents

As agents for injured or injuring parties in traffic accidents, we make requests to and conduct negotiations with the counterparties or the insurance companies, as well as handle the preparation etc. of out-of-court settlement documents.

Preparation of Various Contracts

In addition to purchase-and-sale agreements or lease agreements for real property etc., we also handle the preparation of contracts relating to various legal issues.

Legal Issues regarding Control of a Company

We provide legal advices on legal issues regarding disputes between/among shareholders over control of a company which is a family company or whose shareholder is its alliance partner. In such cases, we give our clients legal advices on regaining control and other solution from the standpoint of our client.

Criminal Cases

Our young attorneys are appointed to trial attorneys on duty and to court-appointed cases, and we also submit complaints and damage reports as well as perform other such services. Further, in cases where we are introduced by a repeated client, we sometimes undertake criminal cases of our choosing whether before or after indictment.

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