1. Legal Affairs of National and Local Governments
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Legal Affairs of National and Local Governments

We conduct legal affairs having to do with various ministries and agencies, local governments, other public organizations and various business groups.

Legislative Recommendations and Legislative Proposal Drafting Support

We often serve not as attorneys but as persons with relevant knowledge and experience or persons with practical experience, helping to draft legislative proposals or making legislative recommendations or lobbying from various viewpoints.

Litigation and Other Clinical Legal Affairs

With regard to national and local governments, it is common for our personnel to perform litigation as designated agents. Putting the litigation techniques that we have cultivated to use, we also serve as attorneys for national and local governments, instructing or advising designated agents and also litigating.

Legal Affairs Relating to the General Affairs of Public Groups

With respect to the general affairs departments of local governments or various business groups etc., we provide legal consultation, and prepare all manner of official regulations and draft contracts.

Consultation Services Support Sought by Various Groups

With regard to consultations concerning legal problems and interpretations of law as sought by national and local governments as well as various business groups, we also provide support in the form of consultation services offering solutions and interpretations.

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