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KATAOKA & KOBAYASHI pursues provision of legal advice to our client flexibly and carefully from helping them manage their spanning day-to-day business operational issues. Not just focusing simply on a legal theory, but we have fully analyzed each client's situation and have provided positive legal services that can be guidelines for practical actions.


Not just focusing simply on a legal theory, we pursue provision of guidelines for practical actions in quick response to social changes.

Drafting and Reviewing Agreements

We draft and review an agreement, emphasizing its functionality not only as a code of behavior after the conclusion, but also as a standard for a court ruling in the case any disputes will arise in connection with said agreement.

Providing Legal Advice and Planning

We can offer a clear guideline in any aspect of offering legal advice and a planning because we have emphasized interpretation of laws as a standard for a court ruling. We can offer an opinion letter and/or a memorandum drafting based on said guideline. Also we can make an inquiry into no-action letter.

Companies Act (e.g.: establishment of a company, shares, bonds and so on)

We provide legal advices under Companies Act in response to each client's situation, following up repeated legal amendment.

Shareholder's Meeting

We help our clients to proceed a shareholder's meeting smoothly and to make it fulfilling, pursuing both of measures toward special stockholders and an open shareholder's meeting.

Response to Antisocial Forces

We have significant experience in responding to antisocial forces appropriately since this area has been closely related to a financial business.

Environmental Law

In recent years, the area of environmental protection and contribution to society has grown in importance. In connection with environmental law, we have significant experience in analyzing and providing legal advice regarding various environmental issues arising out of day-to-day business operations.

Revision of Civil Code (law of obligations)

Movement toward legal revision of Civil Code (law of obligations) has begun in various quarters. Our lawyers participate in discussion on such revision at various economic groups and study groups.

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