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Dispute Resolution

(Negotiation, ADR, preservation, litigation, enforcement)

KATAOKA & KOBAYASHI pursues prompt and appropriate resolution, fully utilizing the depth of our expertise in civil substantive law and civil procedural law. In the law suits, we present a refined law theory based on fact in issue theory which is leaned at Legal Research and Training Institute. We also come to an examination of a witness well prepared. Not only we have tremendous performance during years of experience in civil preservation and civil execution, but also we have made recommendation to court practices occasionally in a positive manner.

We can utilize our advantage of the ability to base prediction on such a legal transaction for negotiation prior to a litigation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) as well.

Civil and Commercial Disputes

Abundant knowledge about both of transaction conditions and a legal theory is required for resolution of disputes regarding corporate transactions. We have handled a large volume and wide variety of civil and commercial disputes, not only disputes regarding general business transactions, but also disputes regarding untypical agreements, such as a transaction related to a trading company and a transaction related to a product supply and so on.

Financial Transaction Disputes

We have made a strong showing in disputes regarding loan claims of financial institutions and disputes regarding collateral, utilizing our in-depth expertise in general Japan's financial regulations. For example, we received two Supreme Court's decisions ruling the priority of finance using future claims transfer as collateral and tax claims which have led the later practices.

Real Estate Disputes

We have been recognized for our outstanding real estate practice in many aspects of real estate, such as purchase, sales, registration, leasing, construction, pledge and so on. Our lawyers provide expert legal services in the area of preservation and collection of claims to building contract charges, in connection with lien and insolvency proceedings.

Other Disputes

We achieve optimum results in the area of damage claims and action paulienne with our ability to research facts and legal analytical faculty.

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