1. Claim Management and Collection Services
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Claim Management and Collection Services

As we have long been handling services for financial institutions and non-bank services, we pride ourselves on our vast experience in pre-financing consultations, claims management during the financing term, and preservation and execution when accidents occur. With regard to areas such as statutory superficies and liens, mortgage infringement, subrogation and other real rights, preservative dispositions or excess judgments under the Civil Execution Act, asset disclosures and other civil executions, and arguments concerning perfection of transfer of claims, we have presented papers on our research backed by practical experience and have made effort to obtain new judicial decisions.

Advice in Pre-Financing Examinations

Based on our experience cultivated over many years, we provide advice even at the pre-financing stage with our eyes on future developments and the exercising of legal rights. Further, we have begun implementing forward-looking legal services beyond merely being entrusted with collection services.

Claim Management-Related Counseling

We leverage our precise legal knowledge and experience when it comes to claims management as well, including the preservation or prescriptive period management of collateral property. Regarding our policy for the preservation of such property, we have long conducted research including for legislative recommendations.

Collateral Real Property Auction Procedures

With regard to auction cases that involve complex legal problems, we have confidence obtained through being leaders in business practices up to the present day, relying on our relationships of trust with the courts. The fruits of our research are reflected in legislation as well as Supreme Court precedents.

Collateral Real Property Garnishing and Other Security Interest Foreclosure Procedures

On the basis of our track record gained through ample experience dealing with such matters seizures of rent through real subrogation, we (office staff included) are able to handle these procedures quickly and accurately.

Various Civil Execution and Civil Preservation Procedures

As the times have changed, the need for execution and preservation has grown, not just with regard to real property auction procedures, which are relatively simple, but also regarding the exercising of trust beneficiary interests and rights based on aggregated movable property as collateral. Backed by our abundance of practical experience, and relying on our expertise based on a track record involving numerous papers and lectures on execution and preservation, we are appropriately handling these new procedures as well.

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