1. Fundamental Principle
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Fundamental Principle

Our fundamental principle is "Contributing to society by providing a legal service which helps to create a better judicial system and a fair application of the law." We believe our legal service brings many kinds of value to people in harmony with all circumstances surrounding Japanese society.

Contribution to Society amidst ongoing Globalization

Since the declaration of the Japanese financial Big Bang, on November 11 1996, the Japanese economic and legal situation seems to have been intensely influenced by competitive society due to management rationalization with globalization. We acknowledge that we have offered our legal service in response to globalization and legalization from the very beginning. On the other hand, we aspire to contribution to creation of a "harmonious" society, not just a society of cutthroat competition, with unwavering conviction, setting our roots deep in Japanese society, economy and legal culture.

Pursuit of Legal Theory and Practice

We persevere in studying legal theory and practice in order to offer a flexible and effective legal service. We attach great importance to the effective functioning of our judicial system.

Multilateral Legal Work

We have addressed the diverse needs of all our clients, including court battles, preventive legal practice, legal planning, establishing legal strategy and legal policy. We will also commit ourselves to offer a comprehensive range of legal services.

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