1. Facilities and Equipments
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Facilities and Equipments

Our office has a floor area of 800 square meters, third part of which is used as conference rooms and the rest is an office area.A main conference room can accommodate 24 people when conference tables are set as o-shaped and also can accommodate 48 people at a maximum by adding conference tables. We have sedately furnished conference rooms with due considerations to functionality.

With regard to office area, we make all kinds of efforts for ensuring cooperation between lawyers and staff members with due considerations to functionality, for example, setting an area for in-house meeting and arranging seat configuration of lawyers.

We have a large variety of legal literatures. We achieve prompt responses to clients by improving the network system, for example, setting in-house search systems not only for such legal literatures, but also for legal documents which we drafted in past.

We can provide legal services under a remote office environment with due considerations to the security. Besides, we consolidate a security system by controlling information regarding entering or leaving an office area.

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